Deb Davis

At age 17, Deb Davis made the mistake of hooking up with the bloodthirsty underworld partner of Whitey Bulger — Stevie “the Rifleman” Flemmi — and it would cost her her life.

Deb Davis was a beautiful blonde who dreamed of becoming a model, and of escaping from the clutches of her boyfriend, who last year admitted in federal court to taking part, in one way or another, to more than 60 murders.

But Stevie, 23 years her senior, was insanely jealous, and Whitey didn’t much like women, period. So Deb Davis had to die, in the most grisly fashion imaginable.

Davis was strangled to death in Stevie’s home, which was a few feet away from Billy Bulger’s house in Southie. And although both Whitey Bulger and Flemmi were serial killers, each blamed the other for the murder of Deb Davis at the age of 26, after which she was buried in a shallow grave on a riverbank, not to be found for 19 years.

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